Real Life Stories: Karina Chapman, Commercial Manager, KiwiSpan

KiwiSpan designs, supplies and builds high-quality steel-frames for rural, lifestyle, commercial and industrial sheds and buildings.  They have been building quality steel sheds since 2003 and have licensees based all over New Zealand.

KiwiSpan Commercial Manager Karina Chapman is responsible for the success of the business arm.

With years of experience behind her, Karina Chapman has a great grasp of how can achieve optimal business practice.

Before joining Donovan Group her career included eight years with an accounting firm helping businesses to analyse their data, make good decisions and be more efficient. Prior to that, she had worked within a number of businesses learning her craft in different environments connected with the construction industry.

Karina considers her role ensuring commercial success of the KiwiSpan network comes down to supporting 21 individual locally owned business owners to be as successful as they can.

“It’s about business process and improvement. By making them as successful as possible, it also makes Donovan Group as successful as possible.”

“Making sure the right people are in the right roles, steering in the right direction, and with the support they need is at its heart.”

Karina says KiwiSpan licensees, each running their own businesses, are highly motivated and enthusiastic. She enjoys spending time with them at regional events, training activities, and when she gets the opportunity to travel to visit them in their hometowns.

“KiwiSpan licensees are extremely down to earth, hard-working and driven,” she says.

One thing that stands out is that the licensees are very proud of the KiwiSpan brand – they wear the uniforms and display the brand with pride.

She says it’s very beneficial that the network know the Donovan Group head office has their back.

“That helps all of us to be proud of what we are doing. The licensees are independent but part of something bigger, it’s like a family,” she says. “They are connected, not doing it on their own.”

Since 2020, combating supply constraints and facing up to a changing economic situation has been a challenge for everyone but Karina believes the strength of the brand and the product have assisted.

“We have a strong foundation and the quality of the product offering is helping to carry us through,” she says.

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