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A legacy of construction technology breakthroughs

Donovan Group has been solving entrenched construction challenges since the 1960s.

In the process, we have transformed the global construction industry with fresh approaches to age-old problems and delivered a comprehensive suite of industry-defining construction innovations.

We are a lab for construction innovation, continuously creating what comes next so that building becomes easier, faster, better, safer, more accessible and more sustainable for everyone.

One of our guiding principles is to drive innovation to significantly reduce the amount of carbon that the global construction industry uses.

The result is achievement in four key areas: Construction Technology Platforms; Innovative Building Products; Advanced Manufacturing; and our Construction Solutions.

A legacy of construction technology breakthroughs

 Our aim has always been to create a range of technologies, methods and products which positively change how we have conceived of building for centuries. 

Kyle Donovan, Donovan Group Director

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Construction Technology Platforms

Decades of practical manufacturing and design experience have combined with a top-tier development team to produce significant world-first advances in building technology platforms. Our flagship platforms, AirBuildr and utecture, are transforming the way we build. They’re accelerating the speed and efficiency with which industry engages with consumers—all while significantly reducing carbon in construction.

Innovative Building Products

Donovan Group’s recognised legacy of advanced manufacturing and relentless R&D has delivered out-sized building benefits by marrying smart tech with sound engineering. Our flagship building products, DonoBrace and DonoBeam, reduce cost and carbon and speed up construction times while delivering unprecedented design freedom. Each innovative building product is underpinned by tech systems that can be integrated to drive further gains.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our suite of best-in-class advanced manufacturing solutions are where our decades of frontline experience and constant technical innovation meet. Our proven capacity to provide key advisory expertise enables a range of customers to be significantly more competitive. We are recognised leaders in steel innovation, fully automated manufacturing, and file-over-internet, direct-to-machine processes that deliver critical gains in production speed and efficiency.

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Construction Solutions

Donovan Group has built a network of owned channels and brands to distribute our construction innovations, and support our thriving community of partners and our established franchise network.

Commitment to Construction Research

We continue to invest in construction research with academia, industry bodies and experts. Our goal? To challenge outdated construction norms and discover better ways of doing things. Data is our lifeblood. We use data in all its forms, including continual listening to industry to improve efficiencies and set the stage for a world where we can build and live abundantly. All while using fewer resources and decreasing our carbon footprints.

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