At Donovan Group we’re backed by a passionate team of dynamic and ambitious forward-thinkers.

Innovation is in our blood and we’re firm believers that our success is a direct result of the world-class skills and dedication of our team.

Though our roots sit deep within New Zealand, our future focus is global, with offices now spanning New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines.

As a team our vision remains to be ground-breaking in our approach to business, challenging the status quo at every opportunity and setting the standard for innovative technology in the construction industry.

 The Donovan Group has a history of promoting major rethinking in how we use technology to improve building.  

Bob Hennessy, Group CIO LendLease (2015-2020)

Board of directors

Kyle Donovan

Director & CEO utecture Global

Brett Donovan

Director & Chief Strategy Officer Donovan Group & utecture Global

Matt Woodley

CEO Donovan Group

Tim Williams


Gavin Tonnet

Director & COO utecture Global

Paul Reeve

Investor Relations – Non-Executive Director

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