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Protecting our environment.



In 2021, we started to reflect further on how we could have positive impact on a wider scale. We realised the most effective way towards a healthier future was through collaboration with other like-minded, future-driven organisations. 


Live Ocean Foundation

Live Ocean Foundation is a Charitable Trust who partners with exceptional marine scientists, innovators and communicators to scale up action for a healthy ocean. Established in 2019 by champion sailors Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, it was born out of concern for the future state of the marine environment. They believed that as home to the fourth largest ocean space in the world, New Zealanders have an important role as guardians to protect and restore the ocean for future generations.

Through Live Ocean Foundation, Donovan Group is directly supporting exciting and innovative marine conservation projects. Partnering with Live Ocean Foundation is giving us purpose by ensuring positive action to protect and restore the ocean – our connection to the rest of the world.

Find out more about Live Ocean Foundation here.


Monash University

We have always remained passionate about keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible. To continue on our carbon reduction journey, we have partnered with Monash University. 

In a study with Monash University, we worked together to evaluate the potential environmental benefits of our DonoBeam structures. The research confirmed up to 40% carbon emission savings - a fact that Donovan Group is proud to own. Following this phenomenal success, Donovan Group was co-opted to take part in Building 4.0 CRC.

This is an industry-led research initiative that sought to bring the Australian government, industry, and academic knowledge together to lead major improvements in construction. It aimed to deliver reductions in greenhouse gasses, better buildings to live and work in, and more high-value employment. 

 The ocean is so important to our identity as New Zealanders in Aotearoa and as an island nation, it also connects us to our export markets around the world. If our ocean is healthy then our world is healthy and we do have the ability to impact this, both as a business and as individuals. 

Matt Woodley, Donovan Group CEO

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