Fast, simple and cost effective steel frames and roof trusses for your next build.

MODNframe provides national distribution of light-gauge frame and truss solutions. The MODNframe network has the country covered, so you get the benefit of national scale with local support.

World-leading design and engineering technology enables MODNframe to deliver optimised framing solutions for the New Zealand market.

Steel framing offers many advantages. With no in-situ welding or cutting required, this means a quick and easy erection process – requiring less labour and heavy-lifting on-site. Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material, with studies showing steel framing is fire-resistant and extremely resilient under seismic activity. This strength and flexibility makes steel framing a cost-effective solution for light commercial and residential builds across the country.

MODNframe steel framing key benefits

MODNframe steel framing key benefits

  • National distribution of precision engineered steel framing solutions.
  • Light gauge steel frames and trusses can be used as a direct replacement for timber in residential dwellings, light commercial buildings, and internal fitouts.
  • Steel framing is significantly faster to construct and being cut to size means less re-work, less call-backs, and less wastage.
  • As a stable product that doesn’t warp or twist, it offers exact measurements, straight walls, square corners, and flush surfaces. 

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