Commercial and residential construction delivered alongside innovative design, manufacturing and construction industry products.

Revolutionary in every sense, the Donovan Group suite of construction brands deliver innovative commercial and residential construction solutions. Paired with the Donovan Group Construction Technologies, Building Systems and a long-embedded approach to manufacturing, Donovan Group offers a unique end-to-end construction experience.

Coresteel is Donovan Group’s commercial construction flagship, offering two unique steel frame building systems: the Bracketless Portal System and the DonoBeam. Coresteel’s structures push the limits of traditional design with impressive clear spans and over 20 franchise operators based around New Zealand to bring these buildings to life. KiwiSpan brings the design and manufacturing capabilities of Donovan Group to the consumer, with quality steel sheds designed specifically for them. MODNframe provides national supply of precision-engineered steel framing solutions for light commercial and residential projects. World-leading design and engineering technology enables MODNframe to deliver optimised framing solutions for the New Zealand market.


The Design Station team works with a specialised software and engineering system to engineer and detail both standard pre-engineered and specially designed steel buildings. With 3D modelling and designs detailing construction down to the finest features, Design Station delivers precise instructions for manufacturing and construction. Donovan Group Advanced Manufacturing has long been the driver behind the automation, precision and efficiency of our construction projects. The manufacturing team and plant are a critical element in delivering Donovan Group’s end-to-end experience – from design, through to construction.


Modern Building Product offers the critical complementary construction products needed for the safe, long-lasting construction of Donovan Group’s commercial steel buildings. The DonoBrace is the hero of the range, designed specifically to brace buildings in New Zealand’s earthquake and wind-prone environments. The greater Modern Building Product range includes ModnColour precoated metal roof and cladding solutions, personal access doors and vermin-proof bottom girts.

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