Driving Efficiency with Bracing: A Tension Bracing System with Greater Capacity

We believe in finding better ways to engineer bracing systems for steel frame buildings. Innovative design for every building component can make the commercial building process as a whole more productive. Our solution to more efficient bracing is DonoBrace, a patented system that is engineered for efficiency.

At Donovan Group, we have extensive knowledge when it comes to producing large-scale steel structures. We have been in business since 1969 and understand every step of the building process – how long each step takes, and what aspects of the industry decrease efficiency.

It’s with this knowledge that we saw the opportunity for a better bracing system that provided greater flexibility in design and installation. We also understand the construction process, which is why we’ve worked hard to ensure that we have reliable stock to meet the needs of our customers.

We recognised problems in the commercial and industrial building market with supply accountability, limited design flexibility, and unnecessary material usage. Our response is DonoBrace, a tension-only rod bracing system designed specifically for lightweight structures. We’ve worked to create the highest efficiency product out there, and we tested it independently to give our clients absolute confidence.

But we don’t stop there. We believe there’s always room to innovate further, which is why we continue to improve and evolve our product based on customer feedback and advanced efficiency engineering.

This article provides more detail about the DonoBrace system and its capacity and efficiency.


What is tension-only bracing?

Tension-only bracing is a highly efficient alternative to traditional horizontal and vertical bracing systems. Using direct-acting tension systems, the braces resist 100% of lateral shear forces in the braced frame through a steel rod system.

While typical bracing systems are designed to pull structures at an angle, tension-only bracing systems pull to a square positioning – requiring less upfront alignment during installation.


More capacity for less weight

At Donovan Group, we are all about quality innovation that increases efficiency. When we set about the task of making an efficient bracing system for portal frame buildings, our key driver was to create a product that was both lightweight and strong. This would make the materials easier to handle and install, making the process more cost-efficient.

We worked with our in-house engineers, designers, and fabricators to ensure that all components were of the highest quality and specified for the loads required. Once we had designed the concept of DonoBrace, we set about building the system inhouse and refining the product to become easy to manage and install.

Our patented plate design uses high-strength galvanised steel, which offers increased durability so that it can withstand even the harshest environments. The result is a highly efficient bracing system with higher kN capacities, while providing material savings compared to other products on the market today.

The bottom line?

  • Lower cost system
  • Lighter weight
  • Greater efficiency


Greater design flexibility

In line with our commitment to reducing waste, we offer three types of DonoBrace to suit varying capacity needs.

  • 15mm (DB15) – capacity of 132kN
  • 20mm (DB20) – capacity of 235kN
  • 25mm (DB25) – capacity of 367kN

Not only do higher-capacity products cut overall material costs; they also allow for more design flexibility on structural projects compared to alternative bracing systems. With less weight carrying the same load, DonoBrace is an opportunity for structural engineers to optimise their bracing system for the best possible structural potential. The extra strength for less weight is what has made DonoBrace a true game-changer for bracing of portal framed buildings.

For a full report of our product, and how we compare in numbers, check out our Technical Guide.


Why it makes a difference

DonoBrace is designed with the whole building process in mind. We’ve developed a thoroughly tested bracing system that provides higher capacity with less material – while also optimising installation time and cost. Innovation begins with finding better solutions that help every stage of the construction process – from manufacturing, to design, engineering, to installation.

For a closer look at how DonoBrace stacks up in numbers, download our Technical Guide or talk to our expert team about DonoBrace and the future of tension bracing systems.

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