Australia and New Zealand’s only dynamically tested steel rod bracing system.


Strong, Less Weight, Fast To Install. DonoBrace is a steel rod bracing system designed to resist lateral wind and earthquake loads.

The result of five decades of engineering experience and continuous research, DonoBrace is the only steel rod bracing product in Australia and New Zealand which is dynamically tested in a simulated earthquake environment. Specifically designed to resist lateral wind and earthquake loads, DonoBrace gives builders unprecedented flexibility and ease. It reduces installation time by allowing fewer bespoke coupling components and contributes to Donovan Group’s waste-saving commitment by using brackets made from off cuts of larger steel products. All while delivering the engineer what really matters: peace of mind.

Testing by Holmes Solutions LP demonstrates that DonoBrace can be used for designs compliant with New Zealand Steel Structures Standard NZS3404, satisfying structural requirements of the New Zealand and Australian Building Codes.

DonoBrace offers three steel rod bracing systems to suit different building loads:

DB15 = 15mm Rod Bracing System
DB20 = 20mm Rod Bracing System
DB25 = 25mm Rod Bracing System


Why choose DonoBrace?

Fast Installation

More Capacity and Less Weight

Design Flexibility

NZ Designed & Manufactured Endplates

The DonoBrace rod bracing system is designed for simple, efficient installation. The steel bracing product ends allow for less sophisticated coupling components, dramatically decreasing installation time and complexity.

Our DonoBrace G830 threaded galvanised bar has been tested to AS/NZS 1170.0 with G350 plate connections. This higher capacity result means you can choose a smaller and lighter weight diameter bar to deliver the same seismic bracing capability.

DonoBrace Other brands
Size kN* Size kN*
15mm 132kN 16mm 91kN
20mm 235kN 20mm 141kN
25mm 367kN 25mm 221kN
32mm 362kN

*Design yield strength = øN(ø=0.9)

The higher load capacity of the DonoBrace rod bracing system gives engineers and designers the option to choose a different diameter bar system. This flexibility means DonoBrace can perfectly suit the buildability and methodology considerations of the construction project.

Designed to New Zealand and Australian standards, for Australasian conditions. DonoBrace steel rod bracing undergoes an independent quality assurance check prior to every shipment, ensuring peace of mind and consistently compliant products.

DonoBrace feature project:

Ha Crescent, Auckland

Knee Height:
Floor Area:
Building Use:
Commercial and Industrial
Portal System:
DonoBeam Tapered Box Beam

How To Install DonoBrace

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