Modern Building Product

Innovative construction industry products.

Pioneering steel bracing with the dynamic DonoBrace®.

Modern Building Product delivers essential steel bracing, cladding, and complimentary products required for steel building construction.

Fundamental to the Modern Building Product collection is DonoBrace, a pioneering, patented steel bracing system. Designed in response to New Zealand’s earthquake and wind-prone environment, DonoBrace pushes the boundaries of roof and wall bracing for lightweight structures. DonoBrace is Australia and New Zealand’s only rod-bracing system to be dynamically tested to simulate behaviour in earthquakes – and it passed the test with flying colours. Offering fast installation, high strength end connections, and galvanised fastening components, DonoBrace produces user-friendly and cost-effective results.

Protection from the elements also comes in the form of ModnColour, a precoated metal roof and wall cladding solution available for all of Donovan Group’s distributors. Personal access doors and a unique vermin-proof bottom girt complete the suite of available products.

DonoBrace® key facts

DonoBrace® key facts

  • Australia and NZ’s only fully cyclically tested tension bracing system
  • Holmes Solutions LP testing shows DonoBrace can be used for design with 3404, therefore satisfying New Zealand Building and Australian Code requirements.
  • High strength galvanised G830 micro-alloyed bar used, providing superior cost-effectiveness per kilonewton.

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