Donovan Group Partner with Building 4.0 CRC

At Donovan Group, our mission is to transform the building ecosystem with technology that drives efficiency, and products that solve entrenched construction challenges. One of the ways we’re achieving this is through our partnership with Building 4.0 CRC.

Innovation is in Donovan Group’s blood. Disrupting the construction industry with fresh approaches to age-old problems is what we do best, which is why partnering with Building 4.0 CRC was an opportunity we couldn’t miss. We believe in making construction easier, faster and more sustainable, and CRC’s research program provides a chance to collaborate with industry leaders and solve entrenched construction challenges together.

Our passion for decarbonisation is another reason behind our decision to partner with CRC. While construction has not historically been a pioneer for sustainability, this is fast becoming a large consideration for stakeholders throughout the industry. Donovan Group is proud to be a catalyst in this space, as we aim to offer solutions that reduce carbon emissions across various parts of the construction value chain. We’re excited our involvement in the Building 4.0 CRC collective will be a key channel we can utilise to actively work towards supporting this global movement.


Who is Building 4.0 CRC?


For decades, the construction industry has been dominated by rising costs, wastage and stagnant productivity. These issues are only amplified by the unprecedented demand for buildings of increased complexity, with growing customer expectations and sustainability requirements. Building 4.0 CRC was established in 2020 as part of the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre Program to help meet these demands, find new efficiencies, and propel the building industry into a connected, customer-centric future.

The CRC is a collective made up of building experts, product innovators, and academic partners. Collaboration is an integral part of CRC’s ethos so it makes sense that they have partnered with such an impressive array of industry leaders. Some of these partners include names such as Leadlease, BlueScope, Monash University, Master Builders Association Victoria and many, many more.


What does Building 4.0 CRC hope to achieve?


The CRC aims to develop an internationally competitive, dynamic, and thriving manufacturing sector, delivering buildings at a lower cost and improving the efficiency of the entire building ecosystem. The group plans to drive this change through deep collaboration and new technologies, with the hopes of redefining the culture and identity of traditional construction. As Daryl Patterson from Lendlease says, “In the future, buildings may look very similar to how they look now, but the process about how they are made, adapted, dismantled and recycled will change.”

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