Donovan Group Celebrates Signing of New US Contracts

Two metal building manufacturers will soon commence producing and using DonoBrace under license in the United States.

It is a milestone to celebrate for Donovan Group which is active in the $360 billion United States metal buildings market. Donovan Group construction technology and systems deliver users significant operational efficiencies and real construction advantages.

The high-capacity DonoBrace system, well-proven in New Zealand and Australia, is a market-leading tension bracing system with significant design, engineering, installation, and aesthetic benefits.

An active member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) and the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA), Donovan Group has been working with engineering leaders in the US industry to ensure DonoBrace meets all the requirements for application there.

Chief Commercial Officer Oliver Foote says:  

“We have met with around 30 manufacturers recently to get a firm understanding of the bracing market and joined two industry associations of which we have become members of the technical committees. We’ve been able to contribute to the collective knowledge in the US market, while also building strong industry relationships.”

“We have enjoyed this time, we have a lot of respect for the people we have met and for their vision, and the signing of these new contracts confirms that there is a place for DonoBrace in the North American market. Watching the first buildings go up will be exciting.”

Donovan Group is also working closely with industry to bring its proprietary design and visualisation software to market. There is a strong appetite with metal building manufacturers to provide an improved customer experience in design, visualisation, and quoting. The industry is looking for ways to quantify and price buildings faster and more accurately. Donovan Group’s software offers a solution to meet these needs and seamlessly integrates with industry-leading engineering software for efficiency - from initial design through engineering and into manufacturing.

Download our Technical Guide here or view our installation videos here.

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