MODNframe Seeks Share of Light-Commercial and Housing Market

Donovan Group has taken aim at the market for light-gauge framing for housing and smaller-scale commercial buildings. Its latest business unit, MODNframe is already a major disrupter of the traditional timber-frame approach – but one element of the business will be key.


While New Zealand is regarded as a world leader in building technology, we still mostly rely on old-school timber framing for residential and light commercial properties. 


Changing the building industry’s mindset about timber framing will always be a challenge and a significant amount of education is likely to be involved, says MODNframe Commercial Manager Warwick Stichbury.


“We believe that steel framing is a better carbon proposition than timber. It’s lighter weight, stronger, and faster to install. There is a shortage of timber, particularly quality timber that the industry is used to. Applying steel framing to light commercial buildings and homes is a logical step for the New Zealand industry.”


While Coresteel, KiwiSpan and now MODNframe are closely aligned there is one key difference: while Coresteel and KiwiSpan products are manufactured within Donovan Group factories, MODNframe is produced in one of their 5 fabrication facilities around New Zealand.


Until now, steel framing for residential and light commercial projects has only been available from individual fabricators at a local level all using different design and manufacturing solutions. MODNframe now offers a single nationwide supply chain that can support large-scale projects including residential developments for building companies, group home builders and architects across New Zealand.  


“As a single organisation, we can build a direct relationship with our customers. This helps the entire process – from design to quoting to manufacturing and shipping – operate smoothly for the builders and architects involved,” says Warwick.


MODNframe also leverages the capability of Donovan Group’s tech platforms, like AirBuildr and utecture, to facilitate highly efficient and cost-effective delivery from concept through to build.


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