The 2023 KiwiSpan Award Winners

Donovan Group would like to celebrate this year’s 2023 KiwiSpan Licensee Award winners. We don’t like to let hard work go unnoticed and want to celebrate those who went above and beyond to achieve great things this year.   

Held this September, the KiwiSpan licensees all gathered this year in Queenstown for their annual Conference. The network consists of over 20 independently owned licensees who are spread throughout the country. Working together, they have built KiwiSpan to be a well-known and trusted steel shed supplier in New Zealand.  

We’re proud to announce the winners of the 2023 KiwiSpan Licensee Awards are: 

Licensee of the Year and Regional Marketing Award – KiwiSpan Tauranga  

Darryn and Jill Astill from KiwiSpan Tauranga were awarded a well-deserved Licensee of the Year Award and Regional Marketing Award this year for driving success in all aspects of their business.  

Licensee of the Year Runner Up – KiwiSpan Waikato 

Ryan Mason and the Waikato team are recognised for their continued efforts to succeed within the KiwiSpan network. They are continuously striving to drive success in their business, provide great shed solutions and excellent customer service.  

Regional Marketing Runner-up Award – KiwiSpan Southland  

New to the KiwiSpan network, Nathan and Jessica Wheeler from KiwiSpan Southland have established themselves as a well-known business within their local community through their marketing efforts.  

Business Excellence Award – KiwiSpan Wairarapa  

Exceptional performance, efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of their business is the definition of the Business Excellence Award. KiwiSpan Wairarapa embody all these values and are the winners of this year's award. 

Business Excellence Award – KiwiSpan New Plymouth 

A leader amongst the network, Joel Schrader and KiwiSpan New Plymouth continue to stand as an example of business excellence this year, making them more than deserving of this year’s award.   

Outstanding Sales Growth Award – KiwiSpan Christchurch 

Driving an exponential growth in sales is Phil Duncan and the rest of the team at KiwiSpan Christchurch, who have achieved another great year of results.  

Outstanding Sales Growth Award – KiwiSpan Wanganui  

Bruce Morris and Kerri-Ann McKenna-Morris from KiwiSpan Wanganui are also awarded the Outstanding Sales Growth Award for their consistent effort to grow their business.  

Networks Choice Award – Mark Lefort  

Mark has been in the KiwiSpan business for a very long time. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always happy to help others within the network, making him more than deserving of this year's award.  

Networks Choice Award – Rowan Thornton 

Somewhat new to the KiwiSpan network, Rowan is always more than willing to share his best practices and any tips and tricks to those who need it. He has become a valued member of the network and much appreciated by his peers.  



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