Using an Off-the-shelf Tension Bracing System

At Donovan Group, our vision for DonoBrace is to offer a bracing system that maximises material efficiency while standardising the process of planning, fabrication and installation.  


Construction innovation is about finding efficient solutions to improve quality and build faster. From ERP software to robotic welding to 3D printing, advanced technology and tools are helping the industry become more efficient – but they also require construction professionals to learn and adapt to unfamiliar processes.  

When it comes to bracing systems, optimisation is about more than just higher-strength materials; it’s also about reducing the time and effort required to put them to use.  

At Donovan Group, we have invested in developing off-the-shelf bracing because we see its transformational potential within the industry. As construction specialists since the 1960’s, we understand that innovation needs to work at every stage of the structural process — from drawing to fabrication to erection.   

Using an off-the-shelf tension-only rod brace offers a more cost-effective and resource-efficient system for quality bracing. DonoBrace is designed to reduce time and effort for installers while also standardising the structural planning process. 


Streamline the planning process  

For traditional bracing systems, structural engineers bear the time-intensive responsibility of  providing unique bracing specifications for each building project.    

What an off-the-shelf tension bracing product offers is a highly tested, code-compliant set of specification details, complete with CAD drawings, detail drops, example calculations, and an installation guide.   

With DonoBrace, structural engineers simply select the rod diameter sizes to suit the building’s load requirements. The rigorously tested specification details are already written and ready to be included in structural plans.   

“We have designed DonoBrace to be easy and simple to use, from design through to onsite erection.” says Donovan Group’s Head Engineer, Kerry McCollum.   

Using DonoBrace is a change for engineers who are familiar with traditional bracing systems, requiring more effort upfront to understand the planning process. However, because the details are the same every time, the repeat process becomes much more streamlined.     

Structural engineers familiar with the system can usually complete specifications for DonoBrace in just a few minutes.  


Multiple sizes for maximum efficiency  

Each DonoBrace size has been independently tested to ensure that all components are suitable for the specified load requirements. The result is a strong but lightweight brace that can support higher kN capacities with the same material size compared to most other systems.   


Easier fabrication and installation  

Because DonoBrace includes the same specification details, there is no need for offsite fabrication, welding, or painting. The system arrives pre galvanised and ready to install.   

What that means for fabricators, is that preparing the bracing system simply requires following a streamlined QA check to include the correct pieces in the connection set.    

DonoBrace is also designed for quicker installation requiring fewer people. The system can be tensioned in place, making complex temporary bracing and perfect plumb framing unnecessary. It is also designed to be tightened from one side of the connection plate by one installer for maximum time-efficiency onsite.  

As with structural engineers shifting to Donovan innovation, installers will need to learn a new system – but a consistent product means a repeatable and overall highly time-efficient process.    

Standardising the process of detailing, fabrication and installation is our response to improving efficiency for bracing systems. An off-the-shelf product means the ability to reduce time and effort across the board while still allowing for maximum material efficiency.   

Explore the full details of the DonoBrace system by downloading our Technical Guide 

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