The 2021 Coresteel Franchise Award Winners

Every year, the Coresteel Buildings’ franchisees gather from around the country to celebrate the Coresteel Franchise Awards. There are several category awards and the winners are judged on a range of criteria throughout the year. We’re proud to announce the winners of the 2021 Coresteel Franchise awards are:


Franchise of the Year – Coresteel Waikato

John Morrow, Gary White and Trina White have led the Waikato Coresteel Franchise since 2008 with resilience, intelligence, and motivation. This award acknowledges their excellence across all elements of business management, sales metrics, and collaboration with and dedication to the national Coresteel network.


Franchise of the Year Runner Up – Coresteel Taranaki

The strong team at Coresteel Taranaki is recognised for their impressive sales growth, expanding business, and commitment to the Coresteel network.


Sales Team of the Year – Coresteel Taranaki

Sweeping the Coresteel Awards this year, Nathan takes the 2021 Sales Team of the Year award for his remarkable efforts in expanding business opportunities across the region.


Highest Sales Growth – Coresteel Taranaki

Coresteel recognises Taranaki for their impressive sales from the last year, growing faster than any other franchisee in the network.


Design Station Excellence – Coresteel Central Plateau

The Coresteel network recognises Central Plateau for continually going above and beyond to communicate clearly with the national network, and keep their franchise running efficiently.


Regional Marketing Champion – Coresteel Waikato

Their consistent effort to promote their business and the Coresteel brand in their local market has earned the Waikato team this year’s Regional Marketing Champion Award.


You can find more information on Coresteel, here.

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