Live Ocean Foundation Selected as Charity Partner

Earlier this year we started to look for ways that we could make a genuine difference for both our people and our planet. Live Ocean Foundation stood out as an organisation that we wanted to support – and that would give back to a lot of people, and the world, in the process.

There were numerous synchronicities with Live Ocean Foundation, says Donovan Group CEO Matthew Woodley:

“We are highly committed to improving our products and processes so that we leave a lighter footprint,” says Matt. “We have found ways to make a significant difference within steel construction but we want to take that even further.”

“The ocean is so important to our identity as New Zealanders in Aotearoa and as an island nation, it also connects us to our export markets around the world. If our ocean is healthy then our world is healthy and we do have the ability to impact this, both as a business and as individuals.”


Donovan Group’s internal strategy states: we will help us do more for ourselves, our community and our planet, together. 


“At the same time, we were also looking for ways that we could build a stronger team, improve our physical and mental health, and to build productivity and innovation. Live Ocean Foundation offered an opportunity for us to achieve all of this while supporting an ambitious environmental project too.”

Matt says that in a company-wide initiative called ‘Building Purpose’, staff will be taking part in team-building activities, gaining points for environmental volunteering, implementing environmental solutions in the workplace, and awareness building. Hard work and diligence efforts will be rewarded: prizes include a trip to watch Live Ocean’s Race For The Future at the SailGP Grand Prix in Christchurch next March.


About the Live Ocean Foundation

Live Ocean is a marine conservation foundation committed to scaling up action for the ocean. Founded by sailors and ocean champions, Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, the foundation scales up marine science, innovation and outreach to connect and ignite people around the role a healthy ocean plays in a healthy future. We partner with exceptional New Zealand marine scientists, innovators, and communicators whose work has global implications for the protection of the ocean and the life in it. To have a healthy future, we must have a healthy ocean.

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