Our KiwiSpan Network’s Best Performers are Recognised

For most of the year the Donovan Group team is getting on with the mahi: The hard work involved in technical development, manufacturing, design, marketing and sales – and all the myriad aspects of business operations.


But we love to take the opportunity to acknowledge the excellence within our businesses - because our people are everything to us, and they deserve to be celebrated.

Each year the KiwiSpan Awards is one opportunity to recognise the skill, the achievement, the diligence, the passion and the excellence of the KiwiSpan network.

The Awards are presented at KiwiSpan’s annual two-day conference, making it a very special occasion that complements information sharing on economic developments, industry and market trends and best practice sales techniques.

Congratulations to this year’s winners:


In New Zealand, the license network is a big part of our business. Building a successful licensee network would be impossible without the phenomenal KiwiSpan business owners who bring their regional passion and expertise to the brand. Thank you.

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