Warren Dingle - the Customer’s Champion

Warren Dingle is National Sales Manager for Modern Building Product – the arm of Donovan Group selling New Zealand designed construction products direct to industry. A one-man powerhouse of customer service excellence.


In an era where customer service is often overlooked by businesses, ensuring customer service is optimised every day is Warren’s strength.

“Our customers are everything to our business, my focus is making sure they have everything they need, when they need it,” he says.

He says there is a definite drop-off in service levels across the industry, and his focus is to make sure that at Modern Building Product they continue to focus on high-quality client support.

Warren is a veteran of the steel industry and has been with Donovan Group for 15 years. He connected with Brent and Kyle Donovan through a previous role and was so impressed with their vision that he entered the business as a shareholder.

In those days the company had less than 20 staff, and the brands now associated with its success, including DonoBeam, DonoBrace, KiwiSpan, Coresteel and Modern Building Product, did not yet exist, and so the innovative team was focused on product development, testing and patenting.

Modern Building Product offers a range of products including DonoBrace, Z and C Purlins, MODNCOLOUR® cladding, access doors, and vermin proof girts.

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